Investigating Physics teachers' beliefs about the use of ICT in Cyprus

Christodoulos Tasouris


Investigating Physics teachers’ beliefs in Cyprus about the use of technology in the classroom will illuminate how their choices of ICT resources might be influenced by their beliefs about technology and the nature of Physics teaching and the relationship of these to other constraints in practice. Physics teaching incorporates theoretical content teaching and laboratory activities and consequently teachers are required to decide whether and how to integrate ICT in their lessons.
The small scale pilot study of ten Physics teachers has shown that the key issues regarding a successful introduction and use of ICT tools in the classroom are teachers’ beliefs about both ICT and teaching and learning and the nature of Physics education itself. These issues might be important because Physics teachers consider ICT resources as a supporting tool improving students’ engagement and also enriching investigative practical work, which both are expected to enhance students’ understanding; whereas a range of teaching and learning constraints seems to have an effect on their teaching and in some cases to determine their actual instructional practice in classroom.


Teachers' beliefs, ICT

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