A programme evaluation of pre-primary education reform, and policy, in Plateau State, Nigeria

Sumaye Fadimatu Hamza


This paper presents a brief overview of the educational system in Nigeria with an emphasis
on the pre-primary education level. It addresses the international literature on early childhood
pedagogy and assesses to what extent pre-primary education policy in Nigeria is inspired by
this literature. The paper will pay special attention to the shortcomings and obstacles
encountered in trying to implement the pre-primary education policy of Plateau State in

Abstract: The current study is an evaluation of the pre-primary education policy in
Plateau State in Nigeria. It was inspired by my own experience as a school
teacher/principal who has seen the effects on primary schools and the results of a lack of
government investment in the sector, itself leading to a proliferation of ‘private owners’.
Because of these circumstances the implementation of central policy is highly dependent
on the varying understanding of these owners. The study will employ both qualitative and
quantitative techniques in data collection through the use of questionnaire, interviews,
classroom observation and use of documents. The data will be analysed both
quantitatively and qualitatively. The results will hopefully be used, not only to add to
existing literature, but also to improve the system serving as a basis for further research
in the area.

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